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Make Peace with Your Broken Pieces ― r.h. Sin

Not one person I know have not being sad about something in life. Sadness is part and puzzle of emotion, but it can sometimes be just selfishness leading to sorrow, depression and a broken personality. Children having no memory of their mother in the early years of growing up, may not notice loosing something of significance in life to wallow in sadness. Until they grow up to ponder on their loss of a mother love. I have witness eyes swell with tears for these children; pitying them. It is not always about life’s relationship. Sadness can come from loosing something of valuable resources or material possessions; could be something of sentimental in value. Life is better to sow than to own, because nothing really last forever in life; grow to evolve. Like the expansion of the universe continuing or enduring forever. We can only lose what we cling in life.

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