Life in brief …

What? Write. Me!

I came to this world in the 60’s. It’s only now I start talking to the world. Words weren’t my first preference of expression when I was a kid growing up in an average family. Though I am imaginative and artistic nature. I learned money is everything in life, and that’s what makes a man – it’s not. Money is life’s necessity. Value is the price tag people pay for everything.

Life is a never-ending cycle of creative indulgence with words and images. So I am. A scrapbook of worthy thoughts into tangible ideas. It’s easy to understand when things are simple. Not necessary organize, but able to understand and develop. It gets complicated when words become images in the mind. Should it not be when we look with our eyes and see with our mind. Speaking literary from the mind. Visioning what we understand.

I keep posting here to a most of 500 words. They are brief, clear and expressive. My mindless writing makes me more human than human themselves. It’s a process when I write whatever comes to mind in first person voice. Making writing a self-discovery experience. My wondering journey without a destination is another day in a life.

Everyday man thinks. What?Write.Me! is that man’s journal.

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