Look in The Light …

Haunting by Night ...

Jamie and her friends ran down the hallway filled with students seconds before. I remember she screamed at me to follow her into an entrance of bright light out of the building. I didn’t follow. Ran the opposite direction to be away from her, coward myself into the darkness behind me and it was the last I saw of her.

My hand searches the grainy stone wall for carve marks in this dim basement. Brighten by moonlight rays slipping between the ventilation fan blade. The only light I dare look. My fingers count those matchstick marks and carve one more after the last with a sharp hunting knife. Years passed since I lost my only friend. Should have told her and I blame myself. Today I seek solace in this darkness with the heavy burden on my shoulder.

Hiding from THEM taking her from me.

The basement door opens itself. The bright light fills the dark basement inches from where I stand in its shadow. I squat down and crawl back between a large pile of wooden crates till darkness behind pushes back. My eyes fix itself at a rat chewing pieces of dreadful moldy bread under the beam of lights. It could smell my body sweating with fear. Time for THEM to feed. My eyelid closes itself. I look away with my head thug between the thigh. I hug myself. Breath slow to calm my heartbeat. Hand grip tight to the sharp hunting knife. In this small dark enclosure, I could hear the rat chatter end with a loud squeak of pain. Its last breath was squeezed from the lungs.

Silence follows.

Darkness chooses to be my friend in need. Cloak me from THEM. Allow my shameless crying in the night and fall asleep in peace where this basement is my home.

Save from THEM.

Grief can’t be shared. Everyone carries it alone. His own burden in his own way. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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A World Apart …

The World Apart ...

01. I See Them

Captain Sora-san is interrupt by his assistance voice, “Madam, witness confirm the description of her entering this forest.”, in her own worry tone to herself, “What was she thinking? She is too young to meet death on her own.”, and give the final order for her men and their dog to come out of the forest before dark. “Yes, madam.”, confirm his assistance. Captain Sora-san close her eyes, puzzle and imagine her last few steps in this world is on a bridge she cross over to the dark forest on a beautiful backdrop of golden sunset. Elders believe voices lurks in this forest’s darkness. Here is where insanity live in a universe beyond any sane man’s imagination. They speak to you of your past to feed your grieve in the present. Death is no stranger and pass no judgement to the ones who was and is here today, or tomorrow for their home. Most soul roam in peace but some fill with rage. They are elusive to the naked eyes, but the promise one can hear them stomp and weep their pain in the night to a full moon above them. She question herself, “Is she here to meet him?”, and quickly return to the park four-wheel military vehicle with his assistance inside waiting for her. Her assistance gave a long, weary sigh and ask, “Madam, would we come back for her?”. Captain Sora-san tone is unquestionable, “No one must know.”. They turn the vehicle around and head back to the camp. Leaving the dark forest behind them as the past. It is pain to leave her walk a destiny alone for us, but she believe the future belong for the bold to change. That child might be their last hope to save humanity as foretold by the great I-Ching oracle.

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